23 January 2009

Love it!

For Christmas, my aunt sent me a package.  Inside was this:

It's a blurb book full of recipes, photos and little tidbits of my Grandma Sweetie.  I can't tell you how many times I've looked through this book since I got it.  Goosey and Dogger love to browse it also.  I read all the captions to them, and told a story for almost every picture in the book.

I love this page because my Auntie Sue scanned one of my grandma's recipes--written in her hand and obviously well loved.

Here's a collage of photos that I especially like.  Check out Grandma's earrings and the sweater she's wearing while serving food at a picnic.  I adore the picture of her picking squash in the garden.  I want to re-create that apron.  What colors do you think it was?  I'm thinking white and blue.

There are also pictures of Grandma & Grandpa's wedding (which I don't remember seeing before), a (scanned) pressed flower arrangement made by Grandma and the five houses they lived in during their marriage.  And lots and lots of family photos.  And recipes.  

I love this little book.  What a beautiful way to remember someone.

21 January 2009

Summer Vacation

Heceta Head Light, Oregon
photo: NOAA

I've decided what I want to do for summer vacation this year.  Or perhaps it would be more fun as a weekend away for Craig and I.  

20 January 2009

Opportunity Missed

About two months ago I received a notice saying that Home Magazine would no longer be published.  Instead the remainder of my subscription would be applied to Metropolitan Home.  Two totally different magazines for two different audiences.  I'm really not interested in Met Home.

Then, just two weeks ago I got a little postcard saying that Cottage Living would no longer be published.  Instead I will be receiving Real Simple.  Now I think I might actually enjoy Real Simple, but I will ache for Cottage Living.  Cottage Living was my favorite magazine.

How am I to plan for my own little cottage without pictures and articles to guide me?  The sample house plans, the cozy rooms, the exterior makeovers on the last page.  I devoured it each month.

The home decorating magazine industry.  That's who the government should have bailed out.

19 January 2009

Winter Sassy Apron Swap

Oh, I've been so neglectful!  Here are pictures of my apron that I received from Denise for the Winter Sassy Swap.
I wore this apron all day Christmas.

This apron is a great fit.  I also love the fabric--especially the toile.  I'm a sucker for toile.  Denise also sent some fun goodies for me and surprises for the kids.  I swear, I always get the best swap partners. 

Catching Up

I haven't blogged for a while because, well, I just didn't feel like it.   But, I'm getting back on the bandwagon.  Here's a synopsis of what I've been up to since my last post.


He got a lot of Star Wars gifts.  Like father, like son....

High tea in our room, upon arrival.

I had cranberry tea and it was awesome.  The trifle was also amazing.

Our room. 
The staff at The Captain's House Inn were so wonderful.  
They were attentive, helpful and pleasant.  

The sun was peaking through this church steeple just right.  So pretty.

Chatham Lighthouse

Highland Light


He's getting way too big.  My baby!

I glanced out the window and couldn't believe how many birds were in our neighbors' tree.  They were eating the berries since everything else is covered by a couple feet of snow.

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