21 December 2008

The last few days


This is part of our neighbor's tree.  Normally it reaches high, giving us shade in the summer.  It's bent over so far that you can see the top of our 4 ft. fence in corner of the picture.

A bush in front of our house--I took all the ice pictures from inside since we were trying to contain what little heat we had (see previous post).


Dogger in the backyard.  The snow fell for another 7 hours after I took this picture.  We ended up with just shy of a foot.

We sure had fun though!


Here are the kids in their Christmas clothes from Grandmommy. 

And the snow started up again around 8:00 this morning--4 hours earlier than forecasted.  Last night they were saying 4-6 inches, but now it's looking like 8-14".   


Shannon said...

I think I'll take our winter over yours, so far. We've been cloudy and had snow every few days, but not 14" at once. Hope you guys have a great Christmas! We miss you all. Give our love to the kiddos.

carblemarble said...

The kids look so cute in their Christmas outfits! WE love you guys!

Popcorn House said...

SO CUTE! Love the outfits. They are all looking so grown up!

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