19 December 2008

Crazy Winter Weather

Phew!  It's been a week since our ice storm.  The one that coated everything in an inch of ice, and knocked out power to 420,000 PSNH customers.  That's a lot you know.  We were without power for 30 hours.  We hung plastic over the entrances to our living room, and turned on the gas fireplace--which gives off a little heat.  But not a lot.  We got down to 52 degrees in the house before the power came back on.  But, we were nice and toasty under blankets, so we did okay (except for my nose.  It was freezing.).

On Tuesday it snowed.  About three inches.  Then it did this nasty slush and frozen rain thing for a while.  Yuck.  Some of that melted away, but we have about an inch and a half left.

By 2:00 pm today it will start snowing.  They're telling us to expect 5-10 inches.  Let's hope those newly repaired power lines hold.  And, let's hope that the crews still working to restore power to several communities can keep working safely.

And it's supposed to snow again on Sunday.  At least we have good chances of a white Christmas.


carblemarble said...

So glad you have power again! A white Christmas, how classic.

Queen Scarlett said...

I'm shivering just reading that....hope you have a safe and warm Christmas!

La Yen said...

I am so glad you are safe!

Pink Posts said...

When I heard that on the news I wondered if you were in the middle of it, but then never had a chance to follow up! Wow, what a chance to practice emergency survival skills. I need to work on alternative heat sources as I don't have any right now..eek! (unless you count the quart-sized paint cans with a roll of toilet paper stuffed in and soaked with rubbing alcohol, but don't know how much heat that would put off for a house) We have been having huge snow storms...I'll post about that when I can. Hugs!

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