07 November 2008

You never know what you're going to find

When I lived in Provo I was in a Primary presidency.  One Saturday we, the presidency, undertook the task of cleaning out the Primary closet, which I'm pretty sure hadn't been cleaned since 1968.  Because in the closet we found  certificates for Primary Olympics participants from 1968.  Serio.  

I'm starting to think this isn't uncommon.

Last week Craig was at the church picking up the new sewing machine that belongs to the ward (I wanted to have it ready for our Craft Super Saturday).  I asked him to also grab the old sewing machine from the Relief Society closet while he was there.  I meant this one:

But he came home with this one:
Which I didn't even know was in there.  Because I've only had time to go through two of the three closets.


La Yen said...

Man, I'd ask the bishop if I could make a $50 donation to the fast offerings and buy that baby.

We cleaned out our Monterey, CA RS closet and found hand-sewn ankle-length G's. Someone had donated them, apparently. We also found three hundred balls of yarn.

Queen Scarlett said...

wow... seriously...can you keep the black one? It's so pretty.

Shannon said...

I agree- no one ever throws anything away. A sewing machine is on a slightly different plane than 1968 Olympics certificates, though. Does the black one still work? Pretty neat find, I think.

carblemarble said...


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