30 November 2008

Top three Countdown

My three least favorite Christmas songs:

#3-- I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
What an awful song!  The kid thinks his mom is kissing someone other than his dad.  Honestly!  I turn the radio off when that one comes on, because how am I supposed to explain it to my 4 & 6 year olds when they realize what it's saying?  Also, when I was a kid my cousin used to sing this song all the time in this voice that she thought sounded really good--forced vibrato, sliding into each note.  It really didn't sound that good.

#2-- Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
The grandma gets drunk, and Santa runs her over.  Santa!  Yes, let's have him run someone over--that's an awesome idea!  It's the hick Christmas song of all time.

#1-- Dominick, the Italian Christmas Donkey
I had never heard this song until I moved to New England.  But here, the Italian families love this song (and there are a lot of them)--they call in to the radio station and request it again and again and again...   It's translated into English, but I'm thinking that maybe Italy should've kept this one to itself.  Every time I hear it I shudder.  Literally.


La Yen said...

3. Drummer Boy. Too freaking long.
2. Do you see what I see? Even longer
1. Grandma Got Run Over. It was funny one time. When I was in high school. Now it is just irritating. And drunky.

compulsive writer said...

When I was little La Yen's #3 and #2 were my favorites. Oh and Oh Holy Night, too.

I've never heard your #1. I hope it doesn't become a hit out west.

The Lahr's said...

That is too funny. I am with you on the Kissing Santa Clause one but also because it is played every second on every station UGGG
And to top it off they made a cartoon about the reindeer one-no I am not kidding explain that one....LOL

compulsive writer said...

Tell me this. Why do stations that play Christmas music always play Wham's Last Christmas? That is not a Christmas song! (And I really hate it.)

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