03 November 2008

Look alikes?

Yesterday at church a man says to Craig, "Do you know the Stars Wars movies?"

"Yes," answers Craig.

"You know at the end of Return of the Jedi when Darth Vader takes off his helmet?  You remind me of him."


Shannon said...

What a great comment to make to someone! At least you guys like Star Wars, right?! Did he breathe heavily at him or something?! Craig, you do not remind me of that at all. Have a great one.

~j. said...


What the???

La Yen said...

Especially the part where Craig's brain is coming out of his skull.

And the mechanical voice box.

Dead ringer!

compulsive writer said...

He didn't.

He really did?

Get out!

Pink Posts said...

LOL! the last comment was as funny as the post. Hey, I know what Craig can go as for next Halloween! (JK)

Can I fix your typo for you? You missed a word in that post. =)

Queen Scarlett said...

I want to add something to ~J's "What the?" I add the H---???

I betcha that guy thinks I look like Oprah. *evil shiver* (when I say Oprah *evil shiver*)

People are weird. Serio.

carblemarble said...


North Dakota Ward's said...

I showed this to Daniel, cause it is just too funny. I agree so random!!!

Anna Cosby said...

That is soooooooooo funny. I have to know who it was.

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