17 November 2008

Blog Safety

My friend Queen posted this today.  I completely agree with her.  Blog safety is something that has concerned me for a while.  Until now I've just kind of let it go....but, now I'm asking you all to please not use my first or last name in the comments.  And, if you link to me on your blog can you make sure you're not using my first or last name?  Thank you for your cooperation.

I'm also considering code names for the kids....what do you think?


Pink Posts said...

I used this link on my blog. She had some good ideas. It's the pits to have to worry about it, and I wondered at it in the beginning when I first started a blog. I was very relieved when M. Russell Ballard said something to the effect of starting blogs to share the gospel, so I have opted to not set mine to private (but I am not in the search engines either.) I've prayed several times for the safety of my blogs, especially for my missionary's blog. I think we just need to use good judgment, common sense, and follow the spirit. We can still do a lot of good with our blogs for all the good people out there who need some good news and uplifting comments in this world! =)

Debbie said...

I hope you don't mind I still stop in on your blog. I enjoy the little snippets of you and your family.

I recently had this issue too. We still keep a public blog (to find old friends) with random general updates and a private one for my detailed family journaling that I print off and give to my parents and keep for a scrapbook (for this reason I dont use code names).

I've decided not to use my kids names on my public blog but I dont mind about my own first name. I figure people can get that info out of the phone book or something.

I also edit quite a few of my pictures even for my private blog (taking out the name of the school, numbers on a license plate--if my picture is of kids playing in the yard near a car-, our last name off a swimming certificate, etc) so that if someone, ie my friends, decide to for some reason use that picture it won't be hurtful going public hopefully.

Good luck in deciding what to do. It stinks that crazy's have to ruin everyones fun.

Popcorn House said...

Your post made us really think about this and we switched over our blog so that it doesn't use our last name. I don't know about code names. We use our blog as a journal of our family. But the post above made me think about it more. Just really does stink we have to do this!!!


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