07 October 2008

Let's switch

Craig's on his 7th business trip in the last 13 months.  For a job that "doesn't require travel" he sure travels a lot.  He says he's tired of business trips.  He doesn't like them--he misses us, etc., etc.  I don't get it.

At this moment, nothing sounds better than someone making my bed and cleaning the bathroom each morning while I'm away.  And eating at all my favorite restaurants while someone else picks up the tab.  And interacting with adults on at least a somewhat intellectual level.  And driving a nice, clean car that someone else fills up with gas.  And going to the movies with a friend, because, well what else do I have to do?  Oh, and cable TV beyond the basic channels.  And shopping.  And, just because I can, standing in the stand-by-line for General Conference and getting in.

I'd take all of that in exchange for the laundry, and the dishes, and the spilled milk at every meal, and the snotty noses, and the early rising, and the complaining about dinner, and the potty-training.

And I'm only half way through the week.


Azúcar said...

That IS a lot of travel. That much travel is miserable. You're someplace unfamiliar, with terrible, greasy food, and depending on your job, interacting with clients or coworkers that you find distasteful, in boring locales.

But a couple business trips a year? Oh, that's where it's at, you're right.

The last business trip I took, I was in a 4 star boutique hotel where I had a whole bed to myself--a bed with 500 thread sheet, a down comforter, and a zillion down pillows. The flat screen on the wall, the deep, scrubbed-not-by-me tub where I soaked for an hour. The view of the Space Needle.

I woke up when I WANTED to, no little people screaming in my ear. A concierge to bring me an extra robe, slippers, and my choice of four newspapers.

The breakfast at the chic eatery where they hand made my cocoa, gave me a perfect croissant while I was waiting for my locally made organic sausage and fresh herb omelet. The dinner with friends where we sampled half a dozen appetizers, an entree a piece, and desserts for all?

Oh, it's awesome.

cabesh said...

I think he gets the best of both--with one exception, he has gone to American Fork. He stays in the same hotel, and gets to work with the same people. And gets to see our friends (and until last May family) that live there. And goes to our favorite Utah restaurants because we lived there for ten years. I'm just a little jealous. And tired. That's all. :)

North Dakota Ward's said...

I bet he could go to Cafe Rio!!! Now, I am jealous too. Good luck this week!

Cindi said...
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Shannon said...

I'm hearing you! My oldest is almost 15 and potty training is still my least favorite part of parenting.
We'll be happy to take them for a while if you can turn a business trip into a family trip. Then you can have your own little vacation while Craig has to do the business side of things. Just call! I'm with Cindi in wishing you longer nap times and early bedtimes. Good Luck!

Pink Posts said...

Ahhhh, the JOYS of Motherhood! It's so unfair! It's such hard work when you're in the middle of it, and then it ends--and you wish you could just have them back to sit on your lap for 20 minutes while you read them a book and get hugs, kisses and cuddles. I really can't wait to be a grandma because I miss the smiles and laughs and joys little children bring into your life---even though I know, IT'S HARD WORK!!! Hang in there!

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