23 September 2008

Fall Sassy Swap

This swap took place at the beginning of September (just now posting pictures).  The theme was Fall holidays.  I told my partner, Ellena, that I was open to any fall apron.  Here's what I got:
And it's reversible!
So cute!  She also sent along two pot holders, boomerangs for the kids, and a recipe for pecan pie.  Am I spoiled, or what?

Lauren was the partner to whom I sent the apron that I made.  She said that she wanted a Thanksgiving or Christmas apron.  Her favorite color is green, so I figured I'd go for the Christmas apron.  This was a challenge for me because it was the first time I made my own bias tape.
It really doesn't look attractive on the hanger like that (I need a dress form!), so here's a picture of the pattern that I used.....you get the idea, right?

1 comment:

carblemarble said...

So cute!

In Photoshop you can take the picture on and crop your body out to show just the shape of the apron. Cool!

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