23 September 2008

Fall Flirty Swap

The Fall Flirty Swap just took place.  Our theme was "What I wish I had done over summer vacation".  I wished that I had gone to New York City.  Here's my NYC apron from Kristin.

When the package arrived, I thought "How funny!  It's from the same town where my in-laws live.  What are the odds?"  When I read Kristin's note she explained that as she read my blog she thought my kids looked familiar.....then she realized that she had been the photographer for our extended family pictures nearly two years ago, in Spokane.  It's a small, small world.

My assignee was Lisa.  Lisa wished she had visited Belgium.  I thought that lace would be a perfect representation of Belgium, and when I asked CW, she said that she remembered lots of tulips.  So, I went with tulip fabric and Brussels lace for the trimming.


Shannon said...

You guys are quite creative and talented. I never would have guessed there were apron groups out there. What a fun hobby.

Lisa said...

This is Lisa B, the tulip apron recipient and once again, I wanted to say how happy I am with it. Thank you again!

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