08 September 2008

The Beginning of the End

Goosey's first day of kindergarten

She chose her outfit

Showing off her backpack

At her school
(I swear I didn't superimpose her on this picture, it just looks like it)

With her good friend, P.  They get to be in the same class!

Heading to line up

Waiting to go in....

There she goes!


carblemarble said...

Oh, how exciting. Thank you for sharing.

Ellena said...

she is adorable, great pictures

North Dakota Ward's said...

She is just so cute! She looks so grown up. What great pictures you took.

silvergirl said...

What a beautiful young lady. She looks so much like you! So did you cry?

Queen Scarlett said...

I love the pic of her and her friend checking out the lay of the land. She totally looks like you. Lovely.

compulsive writer said...

I'm sorry. (but great pics!)

Jen said...

It really is the begnning of the end and t breaks my heart. She looks darling. You dd a bid on my Nie auction. I am doing another one for a woman who lost her legs and arm and sight during complications of childbirth. Come check it out!

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