29 August 2008

Grandma Sweetie

My Grandma Sweetie passed away this morning.  It was peaceful and she was in no pain.  For that, I am grateful.  But I will miss her.  A lot.

Grandma's name wasn't Sweetie.  That's just what my family called her.  Since I was little she has called me Sweetie Pie.  As soon as I was old enough to talk, I dubbed her "Grandma Sweetie".  For our family, the name stuck.

Because I grew up on the ranch, I spent a lot of time with Grandma.  We were special friends.  Even before I was in school she would take me along on her errands--shopping, DAR meetings, Organ Club.  I loved that.

Grandma taught me how to play the piano, to always use a napkin, to embroider and to paint ceramics.  She introduced me to Grimms Fairy Tales and to the Wizard of Oz series.  When I was in my Haley Mills stage she repeatedly rented "Pollyanna" and "That Darn Cat" for me.  She came to all of my band concerts, plays  and every Grandparents' Day at school.  She was there at my National Honor Society induction, first date, high school graduation, bridal shower, college graduation.  She was a part of making me who I am.

When I was pregnant with Goosey I knew that I wanted to name her after Grandma Sweetie.  Goosey Bliss.  Bliss was my grandma's maiden name.  Bliss:  Supreme happiness.  That's how I felt with Grandma, and how I felt when I had Goosey.

I will miss talking with Grandma Sweetie on the phone.  She would sit and listen to me tell her all the details of the kids.  She'd always try to understand the technology world that Craig works in.  We would discuss politics and religion and the economy.  Before Grandpa passed, she'd giggle tell me how funny it was for them to hold a conversation because his hearing had gotten so bad.  She'd tell me that she was so proud of me for making the choice to stay home with my children.  That she knew how challenging it could be--emotionally, physically, financially, but that I had made the right choice.  That there was nothing more important than being there for those little people as they learn and become who they'll be in this life.  Then she would ask me to kiss the little sweetie pies for her (and please send more pictures) and tell me that she loved me (and ask if we could please come visit soon).

What a blessing Grandma Sweetie was in my life.  

18 August 2008

Our Staycation

We went to Storyland!

Chillin' at Peter Pumpkin-eater's House

Taking a ride in Cinderella's carriage

Riding the swan boats with Daddie

Cuddling at the motel

Driving home on the Kancamagus Highway

Overall, it was a great success.....despite a small 1.5 hour detour to the emergency room, and a horrible motel.  Don't stay at Perry's Motel in Intervale, NH.  Ever.

13 August 2008

Other Aprons

I made about four aprons that I gave away before I realized that I should be taking pictures of them!  So, here are the ones I've made since then:

I made this one for my best friend, Suzanne.   She likes country-style, retro (like 1930's) and the color red.

This one was for an "apron angels" group.  A member of the Apronista Network asked for aprons to hand out to tornado victims in her area of Missouri, as a little "pick me up".  I sent this one.

This one was for my first ever apron swap.  The theme was "summer" and my assignee said that orange was her favorite color.

It was fully reversible.  I made it based on a Women's Household pattern from 1963.

This year Goosey gave her each of her friends an apron for their birthday.  This one was for her friend, Sunday.  We always find out the girl's favorite color, then I take Goosey to the store to choose fabric.  We also throw in some fun cookie cutters.

11 August 2008

A Very Merry Un-birthday

My darling sister in-law sent the boys and me our un-birthday gifts last week.  "Un-birthday gifts!" you say?  Yes, un-birthday gifts.  Dogger, Lew and I all have birthdays during the two weeks following Christmas, so my sister-in law, JamJam, sends us gifts in the middle of the summer.  Isn't that great?

Lew has been making his new stuffed crocodile growl at everyone, Dogger has been reading "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Wheedle on the Needle" non-stop.  Me?  I'm in love with my gift.  She sent me this:

And, even better, it was wrapped in this....

Which is reversible:

I tell you what, that's a pretty awesome un-birthday present.

07 August 2008

Fickle me

I listened to my favorite Christmas album yesterday.  And two Sundays ago.  Because I'm ready.  I'm ready for cooler weather.  And soup and stew and casseroles.  

 I know I'm fickle because six months ago I was dying for sunshine and warmth.
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