26 June 2008

The same....but different

Have you ever been somewhere and had the feeling that things were the same, but different somehow?  That's how Craig describes his mission to England. Things were enough the same (I mean, they speak English for heaven's sake) that it felt a little bit odd when something was different.  Well, that's how living in New Hampshire feels for me.

Take the butter, for example.  It's a different shape--longer and skinnier than out west.  

If I were in another country I wouldn't be surprised that the butter was a different shape.  But, I'm still in the good ol' US of A.  So it just feels....odd....the same...but different.  Huh.

23 June 2008

While Mommie's Away, The Boys Will Play

I was just uploading pictures from my camera when I came across these--taken while I was napping yesterday.  

I wondered why the newspaper was all wadded up in the recycle bin.

21 June 2008

The Joy of Preschoolers

I love the joy that preschoolers have in life.   Seeing the interest they take in the world is so refreshing.  They're thinking about things, wanting to know all about their environment.

Twice this week Dogger snuck out of his bedroom, after Goosey had fallen asleep, to ask me how something worked.  Last night it was "the tunnels in his throat".  He wanted to know how the food could move through the tunnels after he put it in his mouth.  Two nights before he was curious about his how blood "works".

Then there's the excitement.  My kids love to do everyday things--the dishes, sweep, change a diaper, dust.  Yesterday our neighbor came over to do some laundry (poor woman, her washing machine broke!). Dogger trotted behind her into the laundry room.  From upstairs I could hear Dogger singing, "Hurray for Sister Carroll!  You put the laundry in a pile.  Hurray for Sister Carroll!  Hurray for Sister Carroll!"

It put a smile on my face.

12 June 2008

Riverfront Park

We spent a day at Riverfront Park in Spokane with Grandmommy and Papa Don.

Feeding the garbage eating goat.

Riding the carousel.

Sliding down the red wagon.

11 June 2008

A Fun Saturday

On Saturday I went to the Farm Chicks Antique Show.  We happened to be in Spokane, and my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and daughter were kind enough to go with me.

The line to get in was a little long for the cold, windy, wet weather, but we survived and had fun fighting the crowd (seriously it was pretty crowded) to see everything.  There were some great and antiques and darling handmade products.  

Unfortunately I had to get on an airplane a few days later, otherwise I would have some wonderful new furniture pieces in my home.

10 June 2008

I'm pretty sure I'm melting

We have just returned from Spokane where it was 41 degrees, rain/snow mix when we left for the airport this morning.

We stepped off the plane in New Hampshire to 100+ degrees with humidity.

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