27 March 2008

My new best friend

We've considered getting a GPS for about a year now.  When some new responsibilities came my way, I told Craig that we had to get one--I refuse to get lost in this crazy New England city more than I already do.

Today was the first big test.  I needed to drive to the cannery, but had to stop at the Salvation Army to clear out the back of the van first.  When I got to the SA they informed us that they don't take donations there--you have to find a drop off spot.  So, I searched my Points of Interest in the GPS, found the nearest Good Will, called them (number provided by GPS) and rerouted my trip.

After our cannery stop we wanted to grab something quick to eat on the way home.  Again, I used my POI and found something right around the corner--which I never knew was there.  Success!

No weird turns, no latency, no problems.  Just easy directions.  I wish I had done this two years ago when we moved here.

19 March 2008

Somewhere in my youth, or childhood

Things my kids have asked for at the grocery store this month:
Brussels sprouts
Orange juice
Update: Eggplant

07 March 2008

Grandma Dixie

Grandma Dixie on her 50th wedding anniversary, 1998.

This is my Grandma Dixie.  Isn't she cute?  Grandma Dixie was a winker.  She'd wink, along with a little tongue click to let you know that she loved you.

Grandma made the best rolls ever--no contest.  After I was married I called to ask her for the recipe.  I didn't realize that she had given me the full recipe for a night at the restaurant where she was the chef!  My bowl wasn't big enough (it ranneth over), but they tasted good anyway.

Driving in the car with Grandma was a treat.  She always had a stick of trident for you, and she'd turn her country music up loud and dance--bobbing her head in time, her right arm raised, wrist twisting to the music.

Grandma was full of fun.  And love.  Oh, she loved her family!  She would give anything (and often did) for her children and grandchildren.  She delighted in us all.  

Grandma passed away this week.  My extended family are heading for Boise, gathering to celebrate her life.  I'm feeling a little sad that I won't be able to make it out there, but I'll celebrate her in my own way--I'll make rolls.

03 March 2008

I'll let you know when we dig out

Did I tell ya that we have a lot snow here?  I didn't?  Well, we do.  

Please notice our mailbox, which we have to dig out after each storm.  See the front door....or the top half of it?  Yep.  I stood on the plowed-clear street to take this picture.  

It's slightly disturbing to realize that we have at least a month left to accumulate snow. If you feel like building a snowman in the middle of May, let me know.  I have a feeling we'll be able to oblige you.
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