23 February 2008


My best-est friend Suzanne tagged me:

10 Years Ago...
I was a sophomore at the BYU, and had just met Craig....so I was a little bit silly.

5 Things on my T0-Do list today...
  • Shower
  • Organize the storage area in the basement
  • Make 4 pans of Mexican Lasagne to freeze
  • Make Buckeyes
  • Read my book
Snacks I enjoy...
I don't really snack much....but I like fruit, and baked goods (but who doesn't).

Things I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire...
  • Pay off my car, house and student loan.  
  • Invest it well.  
  • Take an amazing trip to Europe.
3 of my bad habits...
  • Spending too much time on the computer.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Procrastinating housework.
Jobs I've had...
  • Voice personality for a call-in information line
  • Spanish tutor
  • lifeguard and swimming instructor
  • MTC dishwasher
  • concert security
  • office manager
5 Things people don't know about me...
  • I speak near-fluent spanish, but I've never been to a "spanish-speaking" country
  • I once took a synchronized swimming class
  • I want to go to law school someday
  • I don't like condiments
  • I've never been skiing
And now for the tagging:  Carblemarble, Silvergirl, Natalie, Queen Scarlet

12 February 2008

She shows an affection toward her brother

Dogger has a little bit of a cough today, and decided that he wanted to rest on the couch. Goosey made him a couch bed that, in her words, makes him "snug as a bug". She also brought him a tray of nourishing (pretend) food, and is waiting on him hand and foot. (Note the look on her face--I believe she thinks his a rather grave illness.)

11 February 2008

May the best person win

After reading Barack Obama's book, I decided that I just might vote for the guy.  I agreed with about 90% of what he had to say, and let's be honest....the chances that you're going to agree with a candidate on everything are pretty slim.  Now that Mitt's out, I'm thinking Barack is most likely my guy.  

Recently some friends of mine expressed similar feelings.  And then this (take a look at the comments).  These are conservatives who will most likely be voting for Obama.  Now, before you go thinking it's just young Mormons who feel this way, listen to this:

I talked to my grandma Saturday night.  We wandered to the subject of presidential candidates, and my grandma told me that she really liked Barack Obama.  She feels that he's a good person, he represents the kind of change that we need, and it would be nice to see a minority in the White House (oh, and she thinks Michelle is well educated, and charming-- a perfect first lady). 

Yes, you read that right....my 88-year old, religiously unaffiliated, registered Republican, never voted for a tax increase, highly conservative grandmother will most likely be voting for Barack Obama.  Just something to think about.

06 February 2008

Remebering President Gordon B. Hinckley

I've been putting this off--wanting to choose my favorite President Hinckley stories to share. While neither were on-on-one experiences, I think they both embody the man I admired.

My freshman year at BYU I sat in the Marriott Center listening to President Hinckley speak at a fireside. He spoke of the Mormon pioneers, the hardships they endured. He then stated,

"I stand in reverent respect for Brigham Young. He saw the Salt Lake Valley in vision long before he saw it with his natural eyes. Otherwise I doubt he ever would have stopped here."

Oh how I laughed! I loved that President Hinckley had a sense of humor. I think that's when my respect and love for him really started to grow.

It was this respect and love that I always hoped to have the opportunity to express to President Hinckley. On 18 Nov 2000 I got a chance to do that--along with 65,000 other people.

That was the day Lavell Edwards coached his last home football game, and President Hinckley came to honor him. When President Hinckley entered the stadium I clapped, I hollered, I cried. It's a rare occassion when you get to cheer for a prophet of the Lord, and we gave it our all. I've been to a lot of tense games in Cougar/Lavell Edwards Stadium, but never have I heard cheering so loud, or felt more energy from the crowd. We loved our prophet, and we wanted him to know.
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