21 October 2007

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

What better place to visit the pumpkin patch than New Hampshire? Well, evidently that's what Michelle and the girls thought too. I'm sure you thought I was exaggerating when I wrote this, but it's happened again.

When we got to our pumpkin patch of choice we discovered that there was a children's fair being held, featuring a visit from Michelle Obama. No joke. We left before Michelle and the girls arrived, but enjoyed the multitude of activities for the kids.

Oh, and I'm invited to a house party to meet Governor Romney this Thursday. Gotta see if I can find a babysitter.


compulsive writer said...

Those are some cool pumpkins! I need to make it a point to take my youngest out to our local pumpkin patch. (It kind of stinks being the youngest because sometimes your momma forgets all the fun things kids like!)

Queen Scarlett said...

I am jealous... please bring me along (your camera) and I can't wait to see your posts about meeting Mr. Future Prez. ;-)

smileynann said...

So, did you ever meet Governor Romney??

cabesh said...

Sadly, the meeting was at 11 am, and Craig had to be in Utah that week. So... no babysitter. All my friends got to go though....I'm trying not to be too jealous.

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