20 September 2007

Mitt sighting

Since New Hampshire has the first primary in the nation we have presidential hopefuls here all the time. Seriously. ALL the time. On a typical day we might turn on the news to hear, "Senator Obama visited the Manchester Boys and Girls Club today and tomorrow Rudy Guiliani will hold a town meeting in Milford."

But, imagine my surprise when Craig came home from stake clerk business last week to announce: "Guess who went to church in the Wolfeboro Branch today?" Yep. It was Mitt Romney. His summer home is in our stake.

And, to answer the most common question heard thus far: Yes, his hair was perfect.

16 September 2007

theory tested

I've been thinking about something for the last year. Well, okay, lots of somethings, but this one is a recurring theme.

I think that as fathers left the farm to work in businesses, mills, etc. we lost something in the home. I think that there must be a strength in children coming into contact with fathers throughout the day. I often tell my husband that I think those were the good times--father at home for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children working beside him in the barn and fields when they got old enough. Winters cooped up inside, children learning practial skills from parents.

Now I know it. Craig started a new job three weeks ago, and he works from home. His office is set up on the 2nd floor while the kids play in the basement most of the time, but he's here. He eats all three meals with us. The kids can pop in to show him a drawing, and he runs down to see what they're playing at. Best of all, I think, I feel SO much better. I'm not as tired or stressed out at the end of the day. He can take a minute to change a diaper if I'm in the middle of making lunch. I can leave the napping boys at home while Goosey and I go to the grocery store. I'm loving this.

12 September 2007

I say potato

As I'm dressing Lew after an exam the doctor says to me, "And what are you doing about salads?"

"I'm sorry?" I say, thinking that I'm not paying attention and misheard him.

"Salads. What are you doing about them?"

I must looked lost because he makes eye contact and says, "Salad foods...has he started any?"

"Oh!" I say, "No he hasn't."

I got it! SOLID foods! Thanks to that New England accent the family practitioner now thinks I'm an idiot.

10 September 2007

too much information!

I have so many things I've filed away in my mind to blog about....it's just too much! So, here are a few quick ones.

Craig teaches the 10-12 year old boys in Primary. He was giving a lesson on faith, and told them that
"faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"

Boy #1: Like my faith in dragons.
Boy #2: Except dragons don't exist.
Boy #1: But I believe that they do.

Craig continues with the lesson.

Goosey in the shower.

Goosey: Mom! I have powers!
Me: What?
Goosey: Look! Water is coming out my fingers.

Craig discussing Nursery with Dogger at the dinner table.

Craig: Isn't it great to have a teacher who's so nice?
Dogger: ...ALSO she's funny!
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