30 August 2007

The Maine Attraction

Nubble Light
Cape Neddick, Maine
Uncle Shawn desired a visit to a lighthouse, so we indulged him. Did you know that Maine has 63 lighthouses? I told Craig that we should take a vacation just to see the lighthouses. Several of them are on islands off the coast, so you have to take a boat to see them--I'm okay with that.

The lighthouse pictured in this post is the most accessible one on the southern coast. It's on an island, but not far from the shore. The keeper gets to the island either by boat or by gondola lift. So cool! I like imagine living there. I'm enthralled by the ocean and think that living in a lighthouse would be so romantic.

29 August 2007

A Day at the Beach

Uncle Shawn came to visit, so we spent 10 days running around New England, seeing the sights.
Here are Goosey & Dogger at Wallis Sands, NH.

Some things to know about going to the beach in New England:

  • You have to pay to go to the beach--this one was $10 to park for the day.
  • It's crowded.
  • Any inhibitions that women might have about bathing suits seem to magically disappear on the NE beach.
  • You have to carry out your own trash--no garbage cans.
  • It's shallow for quite a way out into the ocean.
  • The seagulls will snatch food out of your hand.

24 August 2007

It's almost here....I can feel it!

Fall is so just around the corner. A few trees are starting to change colors, the nights have cooled down, the school buses are making their dry runs. Soon the humidity will fade and the months of growing will yield a bountiful harvest. I'm so excited.

15 August 2007

Because New England isn't the ENTIRE world, lesson 1


Craig came home last night with story that I must share.

The office manager at work was in charge of ordering take out for their business lunch. Mexican was the cuisine of choice. Well, it seems that the office manager (a middle aged woman) had never ordered Mexican food. She needed help with the menu, so she asked Craig's boss. Since she couldn't grasp the concept of a quesadilla (I mean really--tortillas and cheese! It's not that hard), his boss resorted to likening it to a pizza.

Fast forward to her ordering..."yes, and quesadillas, um, those are like a pizza, right? So how many slices to we get out of them?"


Assignment for this lesson: Take a trip out west, preferrably to the Southwest, and eat Mexican food.
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