22 June 2007

The Man With The Hat

I am SERIOUSLY so excited for this. I think Harrison Ford is one of those men who just gets better with age.

03 June 2007

Once A Month Cooking

Due to many inquiries, here's an email I wrote to a friend:

Hi Smileynann!
I've been reading your blog too....how's the running? Brave woman!

I am liking the Once a Month Cooking. I made 15 meals, 2 each. I started my meal list with things that we like to eat that would freeze well, i.e., chicken enchiladas, lasagne, tacos (just the meat), crockpot chicken, etc. Then I searched online for other recipes I thought we might like (search "Once a Month Cooking" and "OAMC"). From there I took each recipe and made a grocery list of everything I would need (remember to double it).

I actually spread my cooking over 3 nights so that I wouldn't have to take up a whole Saturday. It also worked well since the kiddies weren't underfoot.

I am loving the ease of grabbing a meal, and having it mostly ready (I still have to make fresh veggies, rice and noodles). And, best of all, I cut my grocery bill--I'm still buying milk, bread and fresh fruits and veggies each week, but I expect to only spend 75% of what I had been spending, and I think that'll go down even more as I watch for sales, i.e., chicken is on sale this week, so I can stock up and make lots of chicken dishes.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

We've eaten the meals for an entire month. It was great! I think part of the fun for me was using my seal a meal which my in-laws were kind enough to get me for Christmas.

01 June 2007

Adjustment Period

You know how when you move into a new ward it takes some time to adjust? I'm there. Again. Two wards ago, in Utah, I never got there. I spent a little over two years there and never felt like I fit in, or had any friends.

Our last ward was great. It took about a month and I felt perfectly at home--great families, good leaders, outstanding Sunday School teacher. It was good. Really good.

Four and a half months ago we moved. To the other ward in our town. It's been a harder adjustment. I didn't have a calling for the first three months. I think they were giving me a break since I had c-section #3 just three weeks before we moved. That was a little bit hard....not getting to know people.

A month ago I accepted a call. As Enrichment Counselor in the Relief Society. I don't feel overwhelmed (I can't think of a time in my life when I've ever felt overwhelmed. That's just not me. I figure I can do anything--it may take more time or work, but I just don't get overwhelmed). I DO feel awkward. I've never served in RS before. I've always been a YW and Primary girl. So, it's weird to me to be so "grown-up".

AND, I'm still getting a feel for the ward. I don't know people that well. For example: I went visiting teaching yesterday, and something bothered me a little. It shouldn't, but it just seemed odd to me. My comp has a baby boy two months older than my little guy that she just adopted. The sister we were visiting has a baby boy two months younger than mine. They spent the entire time gushing over how cute each other's babies were, and discussing feedings, sleep schedules, baby gear, etc. No one asked me anything about Lew or said he was cute. I think he' pretty darn cute. It just felt weird....and a little sad for me.

Still adjusting I guess.
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