03 May 2007

Book Recommendations

I went to our new ward's book club for the first time last night....fun! But, I am tasked with choosing the book for June. I'd like to hear some suggestions--so please tell me yours!

Here's what they've already read:

The Great Divorce
These Is My Words
I Love you Ronnie
Left to Tell
Mrs. Mike
My Sister's Keeper (for May)
Audacity of Hope (for July)


Queen Scarlett said...

CW - suggested a book on Azucar's site "Four Zinas" ... that looks interesting... I think I'll put that next on my list. I loved Time Traveler's Wife - Wild Swans - Old School (Tobias ...something).

smileynann said...

I feel kind of remedial right now... Why have I never heard of these books? Are they all non-fiction?

One book I've heard very highly recommended is "A Single Grain of Rice." I haven't read it yet, but it's supposed to be amazing.

A novel I'd like to try is "Mr. Darcy's Daughters", a continuation of "Pride and Prejudice" by a modern author.

compulsive writer said...

"The Ladies Auxiliary" by Tova Mirvis.

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