03 May 2007

Book Recommendations

I went to our new ward's book club for the first time last night....fun! But, I am tasked with choosing the book for June. I'd like to hear some suggestions--so please tell me yours!

Here's what they've already read:

The Great Divorce
These Is My Words
I Love you Ronnie
Left to Tell
Mrs. Mike
My Sister's Keeper (for May)
Audacity of Hope (for July)

01 May 2007

April in review

Do you ever look around you and think, "What on earth have I done lately?" That's what I did yesterday. The house was messy, I had two sick kids, laundry needed to be done, etc., etc., etc...

Just as the gloom and feelings of inadequacy were about to set in, I told myself, "No! I won't do this. I'm going to focus on what I did do this month."

During April I:
helped hubby search for a truck to replace the car he totaled during a snow storm.
organized the computer desk.
rolled a 401(k) into an IRA.
attend Stake Women's Conference.
survived multiple snow storms and flooding.
read two books.
taught two lifeguarding courses for the American Red Cross.
successfully transitioned Lew from the bassinet in my room to the crib in the nursery.
substituted as the Primary chorister for two weeks.
had lunch with hubby during the week while the kids were playing at a friend's house.
pulled weeds in the front flower beds.
slept for 7 straight hours.
taught a Relief Society lesson.
mailed out pictures of the boys to relatives.
took the kids outside to play.
added to my food storage.
found coordinating Easter outfits for all three children.
completed my first try at Once A Month Cooking.
met two sets of neighbors.
attended my first RS presidency meeting.
endeavored to support those I love, despite feeling that they were making poor choices.
found a second hand couch and two chairs at a killer price.
read lots of books to my kiddies.
took dinner to a friend who just had baby #4.
washed and put all the 0-3 month baby clothes in storage.
got out and washed the 3-6 month baby clothes.
did my visiting teaching.
delighted in the crocus that surprised me by poking through the snow.
drove the the seacoast for the sole purpose of smelling the ocean.
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