23 April 2007

88 Degrees

That's what it was today. 50 degrees warmer than last Monday.

17 April 2007

We're okay

We're okay. No flooding here--our sump pump has been running non-stop for 24 hours, but no flooding. Craig's route to work is unaffected. We're great.

10 April 2007

Desperately seeking spring

Because the 6 inches of heavy, wet snow we got a week ago wasn't enough!

04 April 2007


This is the view from my backyard RIGHT NOW!!! It's been sticking for about 1/2 hour and is supposed to continue until the wee hours of the morning. Will spring ever come?

02 April 2007

A letter

Dear Netflix-

I want to thank you for fulfilling my movie dreams. You haven't let me down yet. Because of you I was able to catch up on the first two seasons of Grey's Anatomy. I needed that back story--I really did.

My queue is full of movies I've always wanted to see, ones I haven't seen for a long time, and even a few that you recommended (like The Notebook, which I watched last night). I'm also eagerly awaiting The Office, and JAG.

I love your red envelopes and peek out the window to see if the postman has one each day. I'm amazed by the turn around time--I mail it, and two days later I have a new movie to watch, without the video store hassle.

You have taken away my basic cable blahs. You're the best. I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Loyally yours,
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