16 March 2007

What to do?

School registration is just over a week away. I have to make a HUGE decision--send Goosey to kindergarten or not? Her birthday is on the deadline.

one less kid for a few hours each day
she would love it
she could almost be done with college when she hits mission age
she'd be in the same grade as her best friend
the school system here is more advanced than other places where we've been
she wouldn't be able to date or drive until her junior year
she's mature for her age and very intelligent

she'll be exposed to all the "yuck" that kids pick up at school at an earlier age
less freedom for running errands, trips, etc.
I'd be sending my baby off to college at age 17
she'll be farther along in school when we leave NH (harder to adjust?)
she can't drive or date until her junior year
will she be behind? (she's never been to pre-school and most of the kids here have because both parents work)
I'd miss her


Queen Scarlett said...

wow... big decision. You know her best - sounds like she'd thrive. My instinct is to go for it...but I've never been one of those kids that started early... for the whole social aspect.

I'm already behind the gun - I had no idea I should've started searching for pre-schools last year. Everyone here puts their kids in preschool at age 3... and preschools are in limited supply... I'm not worried ...yet... ;-) I figure kalea's so smart... she'd do fine even if I had to do it at home for her first year of preschool and then...by age 4 we're on the waiting lists already!

~cari~ said...

I have a son that tested out of Kindergarten and went straight to first grade. (He missed the deadline for Kindergarten by 8 days and they wouldn't put in because of some funding restrictions or something, so I pretty much taught him the Kindergarten academics at home and he went to preschool 3 days a week for the social part.) He's now in 6th grade and doing very well in school. He is the youngest in his class but it doesn't seem to phase him. It was a hard decision because he will be driving and dating later than his friends but he'll get more college done before his mission so we figured that in the long run it was a good decision. These kinds of decisions are so hard--especially when you decide against what everyone else thinks you should do. My advice (for all it's worth) is to do a lot of praying and follow your instincts. You will know what is best for your daughter.

wendysue said...

I agree--follow your instincts and do the praying. . .but. . .since you're asking. .

I don't think it's a "smarts" issue, I think it's a "social" issue most of the time, and in that case, (usually), girls fare better than boys.

But even with that, if the school system is more advanced (ours is), that means a higher level of requirements. The criteria for kindergarten used to be things like knowing your ABC's, sounds of letters, beginning to read, etc. Now there are huge lists of tasks they have to be able to do.

I would talk with the kindergarten teachers at your school and get their advice. They could give you some examples of kids that were younger and how they did.

Also, I know of a mom that was concerned about this and had an agreement with the teachers that they would try it out and if it was awful and too much that they would just stop at the fall break time and start again the next year.

Good luck!

~j. said...

Some things to consider: like wendy said, girls generally fare better than boys (I think I'd be more likely to send a daughter early than a son -- generally speaking, of course); she's the oldest, so likely more mature in that aspect; she's so bright!

And...of course...you know her best. Plus: does she want to go to school? Not that the decision is hers, but I think she'd do better if she wasn't always wishing to be home, you know?

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