27 March 2007

We didn't part well

Yesterday I took ALL three kids to BJ's with me for the first time. It started out just fine--Dogger and Lew were in the cart, and Goosey walked with me. We waved to the senior citizens getting their groceries and ate some yummy samples.

Now that we're in our new house I'm switching to a new wholesale club that's closer (once my membership expires at the end of the month....I'm cheap so I won't pay for a 2nd one if the 1st can still be used). I was making this trip worth it! I stocked up on items that I like from BJ's just in case Sam's doesn't have them when I make the switch.

I decide to roll my cart into the one lane with a check-outer person. I mean, who wants to do a self-checkout of that magnitude while managing three kids? As I bring the cart to a stop and look up I can tell that this is going to be the end of my happy shopping.

The checker gives me a look that clearly says, "Could you have bought more stuff?"
Come on, I think to myself, it's a wholesale club! Are you trying to tell me that you've never seen a cart with 2 boxes of diapers, 5 gallons of milk, 12 lbs. of rice, 24 rolls of toilet paper, etc. before?

"So, do you want me to put your stuff back in the cart with the baby?" she asks.
"Yes, if possible. Unless you have someone who can push the second cart out to my car."
"We don't."

Lew starts to fuss.

"He's not happy." I feel like she's really saying, look lady, keep him quiet. Gosh! Do you have enough kids?
Hey! I have a college degree, but I choose to stay home! I don't ship my kids off to someone else just to fulfill my own need for validation. And, thankfully, we've been blessed so that I don't have to work to be able to feed our kids.

"Yeah, he's getting hungry."

I look at the travel board, wishing that I was on that $599, 7-night Bermuda cruise.

"You have to buy these in a two-pack now." She says holding up a bag of potato chips.
"Oh, I was wondering why they weren't the family size anymore. I didn't see a sign and they weren't taped together or anything....." She puts the bag under the counter without asking if I'd like to grab a second, or offering to do it. I have been punished for my ignorance.

She's obviously not concerned about fitting everything in as well as I had. So, I move to the cart under the pretense of helping to arrange more room. Really, I just can't wait to get the pack of 5 dozen eggs off my two loaves of bread, where she had just dropped it.

"Your total is $188.46. Debit or credit?"
"Credit." She raises her eyebrows, almost imperceptibly, judging me for putting my groceries on a credit card.
Look missy, I can use my debit card if I want. But we're doing this thing where our money sits in a high yield interest account during the month, then we just pay off the credit card when it comes.....we're making money (and earning airline miles while we're at it)!
I push the cart away from the lane as quickly as I can.
I think to myself, at least it's the last time I have to come here.

16 March 2007

What to do?

School registration is just over a week away. I have to make a HUGE decision--send Goosey to kindergarten or not? Her birthday is on the deadline.

one less kid for a few hours each day
she would love it
she could almost be done with college when she hits mission age
she'd be in the same grade as her best friend
the school system here is more advanced than other places where we've been
she wouldn't be able to date or drive until her junior year
she's mature for her age and very intelligent

she'll be exposed to all the "yuck" that kids pick up at school at an earlier age
less freedom for running errands, trips, etc.
I'd be sending my baby off to college at age 17
she'll be farther along in school when we leave NH (harder to adjust?)
she can't drive or date until her junior year
will she be behind? (she's never been to pre-school and most of the kids here have because both parents work)
I'd miss her

13 March 2007

Life at our house

Lew is starting to smile and coo .

Dogger tells his daddie, "Dad, you're my best friend ever!"

At the dinner table Goosey asks, "Mom, is fruit good for our bodies?"
(We're trying to teach her about healthy foods)
"Oh......then why did God tell Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the tree?"

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