29 December 2006

In a Week

Next Friday morning I will arrive at the hospital at 5:30 am for my scheduled c-section. You'd think that by #3 I'd be ready....but I'm really nervous this time. Far more nervous than with the last one. I think it's because I'm in a new place with a new doctor and a new hospital.

21 December 2006

Christmas with kids

Why I love Christmas with kids:

Me: Dogger, what do you want for Christmas?
Dogger: Santa.

Goosey is learning lots of Christmas songs this year. My favorite one to hear her sing is "Deck the Halls". She sings the first line like this:

"Deck the house with thousand holly...."

05 December 2006

Keeping it Together

I like to organize. You probably wouldn't guess it by looking at the apartment right now (everything goes to heck during my pregnancies), but there are a few things I do to keep everything straight:

  • I make out a weekly menu (it's laminated and hangs on the fridge), then write my grocery list from the menu. This eliminates impulse purchases, eating out too often, and the "what are we going to have tonight" problem.
  • Each month I write out a list of all bills, their due dates and amounts. I make two columns--one titled "paid" and the other titled "money" (which means entered into the register). I check each column when completed. This way I never miss bills and know exactly what my fixed expenses are that month.
  • I pay my bills online.
  • I never schedule appointments during nap time.
  • I balance my "checkbook" daily. This may seem tedious, but it takes two minutes to compare my account online to Quicken (or MS Money if that's what you use). And, no surprises!
  • I have a file folder box full of FHE lessons. After we've done one it goes to the back of the box so that we don't repeat too often.
  • When my kids move to a new clothing size I buy a storage bin, put all the too small clothing in it and label it with the size and gender, i.e., 2T Boy. Now when the next boy is ready for that size I just have to open the one container, and there's everything.
Those are just a few in my bag of tricks. How do you keep it all together?
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