19 September 2006

THE Game

To begin, I want to thank the Boston College community for being excellents hosts. The entire game experience was pleasant (even with the loss).

The off-site parking with complimentary shuttle to the stadium was a breeze--and a bus ride through some of the most lovely little neighborhoods I've seen in the Boston area.

Boston College fans were friendly and kind. They said hello and welcomed us. They answered questions about the campus, the students and Boston in general. They smiled and told my children how adorable they were in their BYU outfits. Their language was clean. They didn't gloat over the win. What a charming group of oppposing fans!

Our seats were great. No, we didn't get to go down on the field, though the picture looks like it. That was the view from where we were sitting. We could hear most of the BYU cheerleaders' conversations, we felt like we were IN the game.

The kids were great....Dogger was a trooper despite the fact that the game was during lunch and nap time.  Goosey stood in the aisle and did every move with the cheerleaders. We were surrounded by BYU fans. Such a fun time!

15 September 2006


Tomorrow morning we'll make the trek to Chestnut Hill, Mass. to watch the BYU COUGARS take on Boston College. You can watch for us on ESPN 2--we'll all be wearing blue, Goosey in a BYU cheerleader outfit and Dogger in a footbal jersey. We'll wave, and you'll know that it's for you.

This is a VERY big deal for me because I'm having Cougar football withdrawals....this is the second and last game I'll get to see this season (the first was the opener against Arizona--thank you TBS). I will experience the rest through audio on the internet (like I did last week).

WARNING! Ranting about to start:

I hate this new "partnership" with the CSTV and the MTN network....or whatever they're calling it. It's bad enough that they partnered with CSTV--horrible quality all around--but then they went and created this "MTN" channel thing--only available in the Mountain West Conference area. If the games were on CSTV I could pay extra for that channel....but it's not worth it for the two games that are going to be on there.

See you there and GO COUGS!!!

12 September 2006

Grandpa Sweetie

My grandpa passed away last night. My dad called this morning to tell me. Memories and images have been playing in my mind. So, in memory of:

My grandpa was born in the Bay Area to an immigrant father and orphaned mother. He grew up poor... I love the stories he told of the racially diverse neighborhood where he was raised--color and race didn't matter to him.

Grandpa's dad died when he was 12. He quickly became the 'man of the house' for his mom and younger sister--a caring responsible man who would have those qualities for the rest of his life.

My grandparents met in high school. They attended the largest high school in the Bay Area. They had friends who were dating and thought that Art and Jeanette would be perfect for each other. So, they arranged a meeting: Each year their school hosted "Hello Day" in an effort for the students to better know each other. The rules were that you had to shake hands and introduce yourself to anyone with whom you came into contact that you didn't already know. So, Grandpa's friend arranged to meet him by the 5th floor garbage can at lunch, and Grandma's friend made the same plans. The friends never showed, and the rest is history. Every year, on the anniversary of "Hello Day" my grandpa would send my grandma roses with a card that read "Hello again."

Grandpa spent most of WW II at home, serving as an air raid warden and in other wartime positions. He had a bad knee, so he was passed by when the draft board made their decisions. When, in 1945, the notice came, he was excited to go--so excited that Grandma didn't tell him she was pregnant with baby #3. She knew that he could (and would) petition to stay home since he had three children, so she kept it to herself.

Grandpa was on a ship in the middle of the Pacific when the war ended. He spent his time as part of the occupation forces in Japan. He rebuilt cities and helped children and families to begin healing. He always felt that he hadn't done his part--guilty that he stayed home while his friends lost their lives and left families behind.

When he came home he told Grandma he had seen what war could do to children in cities, so he wanted to move his family to the country. They spent a few years looking, and found a farm in southern Oregon. Rural life was a change for them. Grandpa always had a full-time job--he was an accountant--the farm (or later the ranch) was way of life for the kids. A place for them to learn responsibilty and the value of hard work.

This was how I grew up. We had a house on my grandparents ranch. We worked hard and loved the land. By the time my siblings and I came Grandpa was retired. We spent our summers in the hay fields, building fences, stopping in at Grandma's for cookies and riding into town with Grandpa for a stop the Co-op (that's the Farm Bureau in Douglas County, Oregon) and a burger at the Owl Restaurant before coming home.

Grandma and Grandpa Sweetie were very supportive of us. They came to our band concerts, our soccer games, Grandparents Day at school, and special school and church occasions. I always knew that Grandpa was proud of me. When I chose to go to BYU he told me that it was the "only school where a kid could get a conservative education in this nation!" That was quite a compliment coming from him.

My grandparents weren't members of the Church, but they always respected our beliefs and values--Grandpa especially. When my dad was called to be a bishop he sat down with Grandpa and explained to him that this calling was going to require a lot of time. He wanted to talk about what that meant for the ranch since he was mostly running by that time. My grandpa told him that he should meet his family and church committments first, and the ranch responsibilities would be taken care of.

It's this kind of personal integrity, kindness, and committment to family that I want for my children. Grandpa's passing makes it even more important to me that while we are undecided on the first name for baby#3, we have always planned on his middle name being Lewis--my grandpa's middle name.

I laid in bed this morning and remembered sitting on Grandpa's lap while he napped in his arm chair. I would lean my head against his chest, listen to his heart and try to slow my breathing to match the rhythm of his.... Now I pray that I can have a heart as generous and large as his, and that the cadence of my life might be as pure and noble.

08 September 2006

The Poky Little Puppy: A reading by Dogger

Reading to his sister:

"Oh, whoaaaa.........

No no, whoof whoof.
No no, whoof whoof."

06 September 2006

Shore Acres State Park, Oregon

I've been going here since I was Goosey's age.

Dogger's not sure about this.

Japanese Garden

Amazing views
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