31 August 2006

Don't Settle

My next door neighbor just moved. I'm really going to miss her--she was the Laurel advisor in our ward, a great example for the girls--and a wonderful friend. On her last Sunday she shared her testimony with the Young Women and reminded them never to "settle". That was the underlying theme to the lesson she and her husband taught on temple marriage--don't settle!

Don't settle for less than the man who is everything you want. Don't settle for someone who's not temple worthy. Don't settle for less than a temple marriage.

I've been thinking about this, and I wish that all young women/young adult sisters in the church could have heard their lesson. I want to plead with them, "Don't settle!"

My husband has always said the same thing, but in his own way--he says that you should give yourself every reason to succeed in marriage. That means no "if's". You shouldn't be saying to yourself, "This marriage will work if... " (You can fill in the blank):

...if he joins the Church
...if we get sealed some day
...if she gets over that old flame
...if we make lots of money
...if our in-laws stay out of it
...if he gets his act together
etc, etc, etc....

And so, I say to all unmarried women:
Don't settle! You are worth it! Your Heavenly Father (and your earthly parents) wants the best circumstances for you--counsel with him (and them), and listen.....they love you. But, what whatever you do,
give yourself every chance to succeed!

28 August 2006


We went camping while in Oregon. This was Goosey & Dogger's first time!

Goosey roasts a marshmallow.

Dogger's first s'more.

We stayed in a YURT.

21 August 2006

I just had this conversation

Goosey: "Here Mom, it's a picture for you."

Me: "Wow, Goosey! Great job. Good drawing!"

Goosey: "It's a picture of you when you were upset with Dogger."


10 August 2006

The Reunion

Me and two good friends from DHS

Planning a reunion taking place in Oregon while living in New Hampshire was a big challenge....I won't go into the details, but let's just say I'm glad I don't have to do this for another 10 years.

Everything went better than I thought it would, and it was great to see old friends. I was also happy to find that everyone seemed happier and more confident than in high school. I felt like we had really grown up--especially as I watched people visit. It seemed like the old groups had faded a little. Sure, people visited more with those they were closer to in high school, but everyone was friendly with each other. So, overall, a good experience.


It took 6 academic years while working full-time,
but (2 kids later).....he got it!

The Wildlife Safari

I'm coming out of my early pregnancy yuckies and can now start to catch up. In June we took a family vacation to Oregon. On the to-do list were my 10 year high school reunion, visting family and friends and a bit of sight-seeing.

Our first full day in Oregon was spent at the Wildlife Safari. I grew up going to the Safari and wanted my hubby and kids to experience it too. Here are some highlight photos.

Goosey and Dogger try to fit in.

Dogger makes friends with a ferret.

Goosey and Daddie have a camel ride.
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