06 July 2006

Hands full

I've made a general observation about New England--the families are smaller and the kids farther between (with the exception of those at church).

So, each time I go shopping I have at LEAST one person say to me, "Wow, you've got your hands full!"

Now, the reason for this is not because my kids are running all over the place, screaming at the top of their lungs. My children are actually very well behaved. They sit in the shopping cart, waving and saying hello to other shoppers. Their hair is neatly done and they are well dressed. At first I thought these Yankees found my children offensive in some way. But I've learned that's not it--it's simply the fact that I have two children who are ONLY 27 months apart (as a side note, in Utah, no one even considers that you might be busy unless you have 4 kids).

And so, I've learned to smile, and say, "Yep, we like kids at our house." And, I'm secretly looking forward to the looks and comments I'll get in few months when my growing belly will make it obvious that we're having another one. That's right folks, three kids in just over 4 years! Can the cashier at Target handle it?
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