03 May 2006

Dogger the Curious

Earlier this week I was working in the kitchen when I realized that Dogger was a little too quiet in his bedroom. And so I found...


Queen Scarlett said...

So glad to see you back... he's in his tower - keeping watch. So cute. I love the paci in his mouth.

carblemarble said...

He is so funny!

cabesh said...

Yes, we're good here. We live up in the hills, so we're not getting the flooding. Craig works near the river, right by the dam, but he's still able to get to work.

Our ward has been safe so far--just a few flooded basements. I haven't heard much more about the Stake....we're mostly staying at home.

I did go to YW Presidency meeting this morning, and drove along the river. It was crazy! Where there were islands there are now just tops of trees. There are some flooded streets, but none that we had to traverse--mostly side streets right near the river. Those are evacuated, closed off, and being guarded by the National Guard.

Thanks for thinking of us. If you need to reach me my email is my first and last name (no dots or underscores) @gmail.com

Hugs for Rae and Emma!

La Yen said...

Do not ever get C together with Bek's cub. They will dominate the world.

Anything we can do to help with the mud? Let us know--my Maids are always needing a service project!

Bek said...

Oh no!! I have been watching the news and I feel so sad for all the folks in the NW. It STINKS to clean up from a flood (literally and figuratively).

I have a little one that can hide like that too. That could be trouble.

Good to see you blogging again.

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