25 May 2006

7 Sevens

7 Things I want to do before I die:
Visit all 50 states
Hold public office
Serve a senior couple mission
Live abroad
Go to law school
Play the cello
Speak German

7 Things I cannot do:
Roll my r's
Ghost movies
Sleep on my back
Keep up with the laundry
Ernest Hemingway
Soggy bread

7 Things that Attracted me to my Spouse:
His smarts
The innocence
Beautiful eyes
His relationship with his family
Willingness to support me in my decisions

7 Things that I say often:
Yo-mama .com
Goof-ball brain
You're my #1 girl!
Little man!
This is a very interesting situation.
When we're rich, can we.....
I'm not FROM Utah, I just moved from there.

7 Books that I Love:
Pride and Prejudice
Anne of Green Gable series
New England Insight Guide
Harry Potter series
House Selling for Dummies
Little House on the Prairie series
The Pokey Little Puppy

7 Movies I could watch Over and Over:
Anne of Green Gables
Meet Me in St. Louis
Pride and Prejudice (BBC)
Gone With the Wind
Top Gun
Return to Me
It's a Wonderful Life

7 People from Whom I'd like to See 7 Sevens
3 random stalkers?

19 May 2006

Good for you, Lorelai!

Everyone I know is mad at Lorelai (including the YW in my ward), but I'm glad she did it.

April bugged me from the moment she showed up (if they hadn't tried to make her Rory part 2, it might have been better). And then, Luke started in with the weirdness. Perfect, understanding, reliable Luke...until April.

Luke used to "get" Lorelai. He understood her--like the whole remodeling her house instead of buying the Twickham house thing....he listened to what she meant, not what she said.

That's all over now (case in point, "postponing" the wedding). All he thinks about is April....and worse, he won't even share anything about April with Lorelai. That's right, Lorelai, his FIANCEE!!!!

And so Luke has fallen from my graces. He no longer brings little smiles to my face. Now I dread seeing a scene with him. I know that he's going to be clueless and Lorelai will be in pain.

Should Lorelai have slept with Christopher? Of course not. But let's be honest, we all know that Lorelai is reactionary--she never takes things slowly, she decides how she feels and acts on it without considering the consequences. That's Lorelai.

And so again, I say, "Good for you Lorelai!"

03 May 2006

Dogger the Curious

Earlier this week I was working in the kitchen when I realized that Dogger was a little too quiet in his bedroom. And so I found...

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