15 February 2006

first time for everything

Yesterday I got a call from our insurance agency to discuss life insurance. During the chat I mentioned that we had just moved from Utah. The agent then said, "Well, you know what comes next."

"Go ahead." I replied.

"Are you mormon?"


The conversation continues--mostly on insurance, but we hit a few Utah-centric topics. But, the thing I kept thinking was:

This is the FIRST time I've been asked that since moving here.


carblemarble said...

I remebmer when I first started working here in Oklahoma, as soon as people found out I moved from Utah... they didn't ask if I was a mormon,it was more a statement of "Oh, you are one of those Mormons". I would simply reply, Yes, I am!" and give a big smile. This fact even came up in, well at the conclusion my job interview, we were making small talk. As weird as that is. One of the ladies interviewing me had actually lived in Salt Lake City for 9 years, she's not a member. It's very interesting to be "out of Utah".

AzĂșcar said...
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AzĂșcar said...

I always get this line:
"What's it like living with all those Mormons?" Like I'm not one?
"Oh, it's fine, I am one."
Look of shock and disbelief, "You're a Mormon?"

I swear it happens every time. Most of the time I laugh and sometimes I tell people I left my horns at home.

Then there was the time I got into a "discussion" at a Florida gas station with a lady who insisted I was a plural wife and I insisted I was not, nor my mother. We agreed to disagree.

~j. said...

After I had moved to Utah, a woman who worked with my mom warned, "Just make sure she stays away from all those MORMON boys. You know that's where they all live, right?" My mom replied, "Well, I don't think that's a very big concern, considering she's one of those Mormon girls." Why do they never know? And when they find out, why is it such a shock? Don't they know we're peculiar?

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