24 February 2006


While making dinner last night I heard the news anchor say that a school shooting had occurred in Oregon. I turned up the TV to see what misfortune had befallen my home state when they flashed an image with the caption Roseburg, Oregon. I audibly gasped and froze, causing my 3-year old to ask, "Mommie, what's wrong?"

I didn't go to Roseburg High (that's where all the "city" kids go), but that's the town of my youth. I can guarantee that Roseburg, and the entire county are in shock. Roseburg doesn't have shootings everyday.....in fact, there isn't even a robbery or a serious car accident on a daily basis.

And while I am grateful that the shooting wasn't a general rampage on the students and staff, just a vendetta against one other student (who is in good condition) , I am saddened and disgusted. Never, never, never should this happen anywhere, but especially not at a school.

And so, I am praying for Joseph Monti, the boy in the hospital. I am praying for the students who have gone through so much trauma and for the teachers and administrators. I'm praying for the shooter (still nameless in the media). But, mostly I pray for my children and their peers. Let them learn from these horrific incidents so that in 15 years, when they're in high school, it can be a safe and secure place for them to learn and grow.

20 February 2006

budding artist

Goosey has recently discovered the digital camera. We never know what we'll find when we download the images. Below are some of her recent shots:

15 February 2006

first time for everything

Yesterday I got a call from our insurance agency to discuss life insurance. During the chat I mentioned that we had just moved from Utah. The agent then said, "Well, you know what comes next."

"Go ahead." I replied.

"Are you mormon?"


The conversation continues--mostly on insurance, but we hit a few Utah-centric topics. But, the thing I kept thinking was:

This is the FIRST time I've been asked that since moving here.
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