11 January 2006

Let me count the ways

I've been in New Hampshire for a month now. So, here's a list of things that I'm loving here (so far):
  • no sales tax
  • historical architecture
  • trees
  • the Mall of New Hampshire
  • no state income tax
  • hills
  • snow (I'm usually not a snow fan, but if it's going to be this cold there might as well be snow)
  • BJ's wholesale club
  • our ward
  • BIG rivers
  • the clubhouse at our complex--indoor pool, gym, movie theater
  • drivers slow down when it's snowing
  • Craig coming home for dinner and staying the rest of the evening
  • being near the ocean, or as they call it here, the Seacoast
  • the revitalized mills downtown
  • the state motto: "Live Free or Die"
  • shopping--there are fewer people


Queen Scarlett said...

Nice motto ;-) BUT I love the "no" before anything related to the word "tax". I've never been happy with it... why give the friggin govt 30% or more when the Lord only asks for 10%??

AzĂșcar said...

Because The Lord hasn't paved a road in years?

I just caught up on your blog: what an oddessy! You are my hero.

cabesh said...

Valid point Carina. There are some things I would pay taxes for. For example, I would pay a little bit of a tax for kindergartens. NH is the last state not to require kindergarten in the public schools.

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