06 January 2006

I Love my Babies

I love my kids. Yes, sometimes they frustrate me, but other times are so rewarding. Just a few things that have happened lately:

We were eating at Ruby Tuesday in the mall. A lady stopped at our table on the way out and said to me, "I just want to compliment you on how well behaved your children are. It was a pleasure sitting next to you."

Dogger pulls himself up on the crib side, but he can't sit back down again. He yells until someone comes in to help him down and cover him up. Then, he can take his nap. Silly boy.

For 3 weeks anytime Goosey asked for her toys, books, movies, etc. we explained to her that they were on the moving truck and would soon be at our new house. Two days ago at nap time she looked at me and asked, "Is the truck bringing my backyard today?"


Queen Scarlett said...

Ok... Chloe is so you...everytime I see her I have to pause because I see you. Crossley totally looks more like Craig...BUT I see a lot of you there too...expressions of you. ;-)

Is Ruby Tuesday BBQ too? All your talk about BBQ has made me salivate. All I can think of are ribs.

Crossley cracks me up... Kalea has something similar...we'll put her down for a nap and she ends up playing and can't go to sleep until someone lays her down on her belly again. Kids. I love how things click for kids... I hope the truck brings her the backyard soon. ;-)

AND... your kids are well-behaved because of you...you amazing mother.

cabesh said...

Ruby Tuesday is like Red Robin, but not as quite as good. BBQ, hmmm...that does sound good. I'm not a big rib fan--too messy. My favorite is the pulled pork. YUM!

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