26 December 2005

7 years and counting...

Still alive here....won't have internet until 3 January. Part of the moving saga that I will blog about later.

But, I wanted to say, "Happy Anniversary honey! Love you!"

02 December 2005

Dancing the Night Away

Goosey had her first dance recital last night. It was so much fun. She's in a 3-4 year old class and they were adorable. There were classes for ages up to 14. Her teacher also coaches a high school drill team, so they performed too.

In general? Not too bad. However, the older the performers got, the less impressed I was. I suppose it's because we expect more from those with more experience. I mean, really, no one cared that two of the kids in Goosey's age group just stood there during their dances. It was actually kind of cute. But, when the high school team had girls who were out of sync, it looked really bad.

Anyway, happy memories, an excited little girl, and a very proud daddie were part of the night.
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