24 November 2005

16 November 2005

Going, Going, Gone...

We sold our house. Okay, well, we have an offer for full price. The only drawback? We have to be out by Dec 7. That's about 3-4 weeks earlier than we had planned on. But....do-able. Of course nothing is final until we close, but the fact that they want to close in 3 weeks indicates a strong buyer. Wow! 28 hours after listing it, it's sold. I am in awe....

13 November 2005

KOSY for the Holidays

On November 1st I was driving up to the BYU, late for class (as always), when a commercial came on the radio. I switched to 106.5 FM (my fall-back during commercials) and heard Christmas music. I was euphoric. I love Christmas music. Within a few seconds I felt all the stress slip away and I was overwhelmed with the feelings and images of Christmas--warmth, happiness, family, lights on the tree.

To make things even better, they were playing a song from the Carpenters Christmas Portrait Album. This happens to be my favorite Christmas album (the first Christmas that I was married I played this album for 4 hours straight while writing a paper--good thing I have a patient husband). Since then I have not been in the car without hearing at least one song from this album and each time I get the warm fuzzy feeling that inevitably comes with Karen's voice.

I know there are some who say that the day after Halloween is too early for Christmas music. I, however, applaud the KOSY folks for sending the holiday spirit my way a little earlier this year. And so, the radio is on 106.5 and will stay there until Christmas.

11 November 2005

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

It's official. We're moving. Craig has had 4 job offers since May, and this is the one we're taking....for real....I hope.

I've spent this week de-cluttering, interviewing movers, packing, and getting the word out. **Sigh** I'm ready...I think.

Really, I've only ever lived in two places--Roseburg, OR and Provo, UT. I've never been farther east than Arkansas, so the fact that we're moving to NEW HAMPSHIRE is huge. I'm excited, tired, nervous and ready. Here I come Northeast!

02 November 2005

Happy Halloween!

Dogger wasn't too crazy about his costume at first, but became very good natured about it.

Goosey finally understood the workings of Halloween this year. She made her daddie take her trick-or-treating around the block (instead of just the cul-de-sac).
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