26 October 2005

Won't You be my Neighbor?

I didn't grow up in a neighborhood. I lived on a ranch where our nearest neighbors were my grandparents 1/4 mile down the road (and we were separated by a creek and several trees). So, the last two years in our house have been quite an education for me. Here are some things I have learned:

1. Kids have no concept of personal space. This means that they will throw balls at your garage door during nap time, ring the bell continuously until you get to the door, and run through your flower beds no matter how many times you ask them not to.

2. Stay out of neighborhood politics. I have a firm "non-involvement" policy in these matters. I ask no questions. If someone tells me their beef I will let them vent, but that's it. I take no sides. I also do my best not to form my own grudges. This is not always easy--because, believe me, I can think of three specific instances when I had every right to be offended. But, I found it better to spend a couple of days stressing over it and then let it go.

3. Don't fool yourself--your kids are capable of it. Goosey isn't old enough to play outside by herself, so for the last two years I have spent several hours on the grass observing the neighborhood dynamics. Now, again, I didn't grow up in a neighborhood. Therefore I was rarely in situations with multiple unsupervised children (playing with other kids meant going to their houses). This has been an eye-opener for me. I am amazed at how mean and violent kids can be to each other. Even more so, I'm surprised at the unwillingness of parents to admit that their child would ever be involved in these acts. Just because your kid doesn't do or say it in front of you doesn't mean they won't do or say it when you're not watching--they go to school, watch TV, and interact with other kids. They pick things up.

And so I continue to learn. I now know that I need to be willing to have my yard be public space, that neighborhood dramas are usually very junior high, that I will teach Goosey to respect others and act a certain way despite the actions of her peers, and that I will take all reports of misbehavior by my children seriously. I am also sure there are many more lessons to learn.

24 October 2005

Party of two

This weekend we went out to dinner for Craig's birthday--just the two of us. This is pretty major for us because we have no family in Utah and no cash (working for BYU does that to you). Anyway, we called around to get reservations so that we could plan for the babysitter. Only one place took reservations (and because it was BYU and Provo High homecoming the only time available was 7:30--a little late for us). We finally settled with putting our name on a "call ahead seating" list for 6:30.

When we arrived at the restaurant we found a hoard of people who had called ahead and then had been waiting an additional hour or more after they arrived. When questioned, the girl taking names said that several large groups had come in so the people on the list just had to wait.

So...what's the point? Why have call ahead seating if you have to wait just as long? And even more so, what happened to reservations? Why are we not allowed to plan?

16 October 2005

What's your sign?

I have never suscribed to astrology. However, once a year I wonder if there isn't something special about certain days for certain people. And, today is my day--October 16.

October 16 is my husband's birthday. It's also the day that my two best friends (Christa and Suzanne) were born. These are the three people with whom I feel most comfortable. I desire the company of these three above all others. They are my soul mates, the best people in the world.

And so I wish a happy birthday to them each, and thank them for making my world a better place. And for one day I feel the universe smiles on me, through them.

06 October 2005

Happy Birthday Goosey

My baby girl turned three last week. I was so engrossed in planning her princess birthday party and a trip to the farm at Thanksgiving Point that I haven't blogged for a while. So, here' s for my little princess.

I love you my Goosey. You are my sweetheart. I am so proud of you--you are kind, intelligent and considerate of others. You're a wonderful big sister. You help me grow. Thank you for making me giggle like a little girl again. I love being your mommie!

Happy Birthday!
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