08 September 2005

If I were a rich man....

When I was growing up my mom always said, that to her, being rich was having fresh cut flowers in your house everyday. For my husband it's having a driver. He hates driving.

Me? A housekeeper--to do shopping, laundry, general cleaning, etc. Basically anything I didn't feel like that day.


Queen Scarlett said...

oooh... ;-) hmmm Mine would be a personal masseuse, chef, sous chef, pastry chef, interior decorator, personal trainer, personal hair, make-up and wardrobe designer... now Gwen Stefani's "If I were Rich Girl" is dancing in my head.

~j. said...

I know that there are people out there that will just hang around and do whatever - cleaning, cooking, errands, childcare - because I did it - for more than one family. I need help on the cleaning side. I honestly do not KNOW how to clean.

I would also like fresh flowers. And a personal trainer, because I'm training to become a cage fighter.

La Yen said...

I would just want money. And a person to pay my bills for me. And to go shopping with Carina.

AzĂșcar said...

Oh yes! Shopping! Even if I had a lot of money I'd be all "Yeah, it's a Kade Spade, I got it for 80% off at Nordstroms, it was only $179!"
"Can you believe these Jimmy Choo's? I got a coupon and they were only $459!"

It would be great to say to your far flung friends, "Hey! I'm paying your ticket and hotel for a trip out to see me, or to the beach."

I always said the same thing about fresh flowers. I'd also have several very fast cars. And a gull-wing mercedes. And have all my laundry sent out.

I'd still do the dishes though. I love to clean the kitchen.

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