23 September 2005

How do you spell the best?

This morning my mind drifted to high school mascots. I was a Trojan. Granted, the opposing team threw certain contraceptives onto the field/court if our team was any good, but overall I think it a fairly respectable mascot. The Trojan denotes strength and tradition-- both good. Some mascots are not so good. I've narrowed it down to three general categories which I think should be avoided.

Random animals: I had a friend whose junior high were the spiders. The Spiders? Seriously? What does that mean? You creep around building traps until someone finds you and squashes you? Tigers, bears, mustangs, lions...all good. Random animals, bad.

Landscape features: The University of Hawaii Rainbows--and, because it's not masculine enough, commentators call the football team "the Bows". They really couldn't come up with anything better? Don't get me wrong, I think rainbows are beautiful, but they belong in the sky or on little girls' barrettes, not on football helmets. Also in this category are the Colorado Rockies.

Local industries: Now I know that many of these have been around forever and are now acceptable, i.e., the Green Bay Packers. But, these can go seriously wrong. Two cases in point--Salt Lake's Granite High School are the Farmers. Enough said. Tillamook High School in Oregon are the Cheesemakers. Sure, we all love Tillamook Cheese, but making it a school mascot? I don't think so.

Oh yeah, "T-R-O-J-A-N-S!"


~j. said...

Cabesh. Jill. Whatever.


And we were both drum majors. (nerds...)

My newest favorite mascot is that school in Sandy-ish with the campus that looks like it's a community college. I think it's Jordan something-or-other. But their mascot? Beet diggers. Yes, a wrinkly old guy in a field, wielding a stick.

La Yen said...

I was an Aztec and, in Jr. High, a Matodor. Gay. But not as gay as our rivals--the Kramer Klowns.

~j. said...

And today, Ch. shared her testimony of her school mascot.

AzĂșcar said...

Thunderbirds. In elementary & junior high I was an eagle. Guess I'm ripe for a little avian flu.


Queen Scarlett said...

Just a *knock knock* to see how you're doing chica!!! Missing your musings...


Oh... and I went to 2 HS - Warriors and then Matadors ... what is it about aggressive mascots? It's like they all have something to prove?

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