01 August 2005

cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes

We decided to plant a garden this year. Being Mormons, we're encouraged to have a garden--you know, self-reliance and all that. Anyway, after two years of home-ownership, we figured we'd take the plunge. We spent hours preparing the soil, then cheated a little by buying plants from Wal-mart and Home Depot ("real" gardeners grow from seed, but honestly, who has the time?). Anyway, after slaving away, our garden was ready.

This weekend was the two month anniversary of our planting. Up until now we watered, weeded, and watched our plants grow bigger. But this weekend something magical happened, as I was watering something caught my eye-- a cucumber.

My little gem is about six inches long and easily two inches in diameter. I was so taken that I called to my husband to come look at it. He too seemed to be in awe. Now I find myself taking little walks to the garden just to gaze at my beautiful cucumber. While I'm there I notice my peppers and tomatoes (all three kinds) growing too. I feel like a proud momma.

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