29 July 2005

Jill of all trades, mistress of none

After my freshman year of college I came to a life-changing realization. I wasn't REALLY good at anything. I can do a lot of things--bake, sew, swim, write, etc--tolerably well. But I have no forte. Suddenly I started wondering what to do with my life. Isn't college where you become an expert in a certain area?

Then it hit me, there must be something for a jack-of-all-trades right? So, I majored in social science teaching which let me take a few courses in several subjects, i.e., history, geography, political science, etc. But, I never had to take that serious senior level class in any of them. Perfect. I used to think this was kind of taking the easy way out....then I became a mom.

I can do a little of everything. I can cook, but not gourmet meals. I can clean, but my house will never be spotless. I scrapbook a little, but it's not very artistic. I can help with homework, but I'm no scholar. That's exactly what a mom is--a jill-of-all trades, mistress of none. I found the perfect job.


La Yen said...

I also have no skills from BYU--English major= not dangling participles when I ask if they would like to biggie size...

I keep waiting to see if someone wants to give me money for knowing about tv and movies, but no one does.

Pink Posts said...

That is so good! I was wondering how you came up with that title, and I love it alot now that I understand it! Hugs!

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