26 December 2005

7 years and counting...

Still alive here....won't have internet until 3 January. Part of the moving saga that I will blog about later.

But, I wanted to say, "Happy Anniversary honey! Love you!"

02 December 2005

Dancing the Night Away

Goosey had her first dance recital last night. It was so much fun. She's in a 3-4 year old class and they were adorable. There were classes for ages up to 14. Her teacher also coaches a high school drill team, so they performed too.

In general? Not too bad. However, the older the performers got, the less impressed I was. I suppose it's because we expect more from those with more experience. I mean, really, no one cared that two of the kids in Goosey's age group just stood there during their dances. It was actually kind of cute. But, when the high school team had girls who were out of sync, it looked really bad.

Anyway, happy memories, an excited little girl, and a very proud daddie were part of the night.

24 November 2005

16 November 2005

Going, Going, Gone...

We sold our house. Okay, well, we have an offer for full price. The only drawback? We have to be out by Dec 7. That's about 3-4 weeks earlier than we had planned on. But....do-able. Of course nothing is final until we close, but the fact that they want to close in 3 weeks indicates a strong buyer. Wow! 28 hours after listing it, it's sold. I am in awe....

13 November 2005

KOSY for the Holidays

On November 1st I was driving up to the BYU, late for class (as always), when a commercial came on the radio. I switched to 106.5 FM (my fall-back during commercials) and heard Christmas music. I was euphoric. I love Christmas music. Within a few seconds I felt all the stress slip away and I was overwhelmed with the feelings and images of Christmas--warmth, happiness, family, lights on the tree.

To make things even better, they were playing a song from the Carpenters Christmas Portrait Album. This happens to be my favorite Christmas album (the first Christmas that I was married I played this album for 4 hours straight while writing a paper--good thing I have a patient husband). Since then I have not been in the car without hearing at least one song from this album and each time I get the warm fuzzy feeling that inevitably comes with Karen's voice.

I know there are some who say that the day after Halloween is too early for Christmas music. I, however, applaud the KOSY folks for sending the holiday spirit my way a little earlier this year. And so, the radio is on 106.5 and will stay there until Christmas.

11 November 2005

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

It's official. We're moving. Craig has had 4 job offers since May, and this is the one we're taking....for real....I hope.

I've spent this week de-cluttering, interviewing movers, packing, and getting the word out. **Sigh** I'm ready...I think.

Really, I've only ever lived in two places--Roseburg, OR and Provo, UT. I've never been farther east than Arkansas, so the fact that we're moving to NEW HAMPSHIRE is huge. I'm excited, tired, nervous and ready. Here I come Northeast!

02 November 2005

Happy Halloween!

Dogger wasn't too crazy about his costume at first, but became very good natured about it.

Goosey finally understood the workings of Halloween this year. She made her daddie take her trick-or-treating around the block (instead of just the cul-de-sac).

26 October 2005

Won't You be my Neighbor?

I didn't grow up in a neighborhood. I lived on a ranch where our nearest neighbors were my grandparents 1/4 mile down the road (and we were separated by a creek and several trees). So, the last two years in our house have been quite an education for me. Here are some things I have learned:

1. Kids have no concept of personal space. This means that they will throw balls at your garage door during nap time, ring the bell continuously until you get to the door, and run through your flower beds no matter how many times you ask them not to.

2. Stay out of neighborhood politics. I have a firm "non-involvement" policy in these matters. I ask no questions. If someone tells me their beef I will let them vent, but that's it. I take no sides. I also do my best not to form my own grudges. This is not always easy--because, believe me, I can think of three specific instances when I had every right to be offended. But, I found it better to spend a couple of days stressing over it and then let it go.

3. Don't fool yourself--your kids are capable of it. Goosey isn't old enough to play outside by herself, so for the last two years I have spent several hours on the grass observing the neighborhood dynamics. Now, again, I didn't grow up in a neighborhood. Therefore I was rarely in situations with multiple unsupervised children (playing with other kids meant going to their houses). This has been an eye-opener for me. I am amazed at how mean and violent kids can be to each other. Even more so, I'm surprised at the unwillingness of parents to admit that their child would ever be involved in these acts. Just because your kid doesn't do or say it in front of you doesn't mean they won't do or say it when you're not watching--they go to school, watch TV, and interact with other kids. They pick things up.

And so I continue to learn. I now know that I need to be willing to have my yard be public space, that neighborhood dramas are usually very junior high, that I will teach Goosey to respect others and act a certain way despite the actions of her peers, and that I will take all reports of misbehavior by my children seriously. I am also sure there are many more lessons to learn.

24 October 2005

Party of two

This weekend we went out to dinner for Craig's birthday--just the two of us. This is pretty major for us because we have no family in Utah and no cash (working for BYU does that to you). Anyway, we called around to get reservations so that we could plan for the babysitter. Only one place took reservations (and because it was BYU and Provo High homecoming the only time available was 7:30--a little late for us). We finally settled with putting our name on a "call ahead seating" list for 6:30.

When we arrived at the restaurant we found a hoard of people who had called ahead and then had been waiting an additional hour or more after they arrived. When questioned, the girl taking names said that several large groups had come in so the people on the list just had to wait.

So...what's the point? Why have call ahead seating if you have to wait just as long? And even more so, what happened to reservations? Why are we not allowed to plan?

16 October 2005

What's your sign?

I have never suscribed to astrology. However, once a year I wonder if there isn't something special about certain days for certain people. And, today is my day--October 16.

October 16 is my husband's birthday. It's also the day that my two best friends (Christa and Suzanne) were born. These are the three people with whom I feel most comfortable. I desire the company of these three above all others. They are my soul mates, the best people in the world.

And so I wish a happy birthday to them each, and thank them for making my world a better place. And for one day I feel the universe smiles on me, through them.

06 October 2005

Happy Birthday Goosey

My baby girl turned three last week. I was so engrossed in planning her princess birthday party and a trip to the farm at Thanksgiving Point that I haven't blogged for a while. So, here' s for my little princess.

I love you my Goosey. You are my sweetheart. I am so proud of you--you are kind, intelligent and considerate of others. You're a wonderful big sister. You help me grow. Thank you for making me giggle like a little girl again. I love being your mommie!

Happy Birthday!

23 September 2005

How do you spell the best?

This morning my mind drifted to high school mascots. I was a Trojan. Granted, the opposing team threw certain contraceptives onto the field/court if our team was any good, but overall I think it a fairly respectable mascot. The Trojan denotes strength and tradition-- both good. Some mascots are not so good. I've narrowed it down to three general categories which I think should be avoided.

Random animals: I had a friend whose junior high were the spiders. The Spiders? Seriously? What does that mean? You creep around building traps until someone finds you and squashes you? Tigers, bears, mustangs, lions...all good. Random animals, bad.

Landscape features: The University of Hawaii Rainbows--and, because it's not masculine enough, commentators call the football team "the Bows". They really couldn't come up with anything better? Don't get me wrong, I think rainbows are beautiful, but they belong in the sky or on little girls' barrettes, not on football helmets. Also in this category are the Colorado Rockies.

Local industries: Now I know that many of these have been around forever and are now acceptable, i.e., the Green Bay Packers. But, these can go seriously wrong. Two cases in point--Salt Lake's Granite High School are the Farmers. Enough said. Tillamook High School in Oregon are the Cheesemakers. Sure, we all love Tillamook Cheese, but making it a school mascot? I don't think so.

Oh yeah, "T-R-O-J-A-N-S!"

19 September 2005

Hometown Heroes

Lately I've been noticing the sisters in my ward. There are some amazing women around me, and I feel that I have something to learn from each of them. So, I'm sending a BIG I admire you and thank you out to a few of these ladies.

S., the young mother of five whose husband works out of town almost every week. Her children are clean and well-behaved. She looks great and is always willing to help out a neighbor.

B. Her husband had an accident 16 years ago that disabled him physically and mentally. She works a job and a half, serves as the YW camp leader, is a wonderful grandma and mother, and takes care of her husband. What a lady!

C.'s husband passed away a few months ago. She is in her last years and I can see the loneliness in her eyes. She comes to church every week and takes the time to visit with me. She was the first person to make me feel welcome when I moved here. I love this woman, and hope that I can age as gracefully as she has.

Ch. is a laurel. She wants to do what's right. She loves others and befriends all the YW. She shares her testimony at every opportunity.

08 September 2005

If I were a rich man....

When I was growing up my mom always said, that to her, being rich was having fresh cut flowers in your house everyday. For my husband it's having a driver. He hates driving.

Me? A housekeeper--to do shopping, laundry, general cleaning, etc. Basically anything I didn't feel like that day.

27 August 2005

I blog for me

Yesterday a college friend and fellow blogger expressed to me her hestitancy to publish some of her posts (see www.cryingoverspiltmilk.blogspot.com). I totally understand. At first I didn't know if I should post "Guess I'll Go Eat Worms." I was afraid that someone I knew would read it and take it the wrong way (you know, that I was bitter and wanted to go postal on my neighborhood) or worse, that I would become the ward service project. That really made me think about why I was writing.

I'm not writing to entertain people or to send messages. Some bloggers do, (which I think is fine- my husband likes the programming community blogs), but I don't. I write things that I've had on my mind for a little while, or that hit me all the sudden. I write because it feels good. I put it out there because I find it interesting to see what others think about the same things. So, I posted it. I did this knowing that someone might disagree, or misinterpret. I guess that's just the nature of blogging...and life.

26 August 2005


I love how and where I grew up. I want my children to have the experiences that I had. Here are a few things I loved about the atmosphere in which I was raised:
  • living on a ranch and working hard
  • The Wildlife Safari http://www.wildlifesafari.org/
  • rain
  • Pete's Drive-In
  • living within two hours of all my extended family
  • early morning seminary
  • graduating from the same high school as my parents and all my aunts & uncles
  • there are no esclators in Douglas County, OR
  • driving from house to house to trick-or-treat
  • the annual frog-jumping contest at my elementary school
  • trees
  • the population of Roseburg, OR could fit into LaVell Edwards Stadium 3 times
  • camping on the coast
  • wild blackberries
  • never pumping your own gas
  • Umpqua ice cream
  • the youth in the Stake stick together
  • no school on Veterans' Day
  • Abby's Pizza
  • the county fair
  • creeks bigger than the Provo River
  • fog
  • high school football games
  • no sales tax
  • the YMCA
  • my mom volunteering at my school
And many, many more....

These are pictures of the ranch in early March.

23 August 2005


Following is a list of words I have heard people misuse within the last month. My English is far from perfect, but these ones really bother me. I reference dictionary.com to confirm my usage suggestions (especially since my husband disagrees with me on several of these).

1. unique--it means one of a kind, not different or unusual

2. between vs. amongst--this one gets complicated. It differs with number of objects and intent (which is probably why a lot of people misuse it). See dictionary.com for an explanation.

3. anxious vs. eager--anxious implies worry or fearful expectation, eager is excitement

4. literally--this word means "actually" and should not be used in front of a figurative statement, i.e., "I was literally scared to death." No you weren't. If you had been, you'd be dead and not telling the story.

5. nauseated vs. nauseous--technically, nauseated is how you feel and nauseous is an adjective for something causing nausea

15 August 2005

Dogger is my son

I just had one of those experiences that makes you realize you're not who you used to be. I was writing to an old high school friend. While catching him up on my life over the past 6 years I wrote, "Dogger is my son."

That sentence seemed so completely foreign to me. It's a true statement. But, I just used the word 'son'. Only old people who have had kids for a long time use that word, right? I don't have any problem calling Goosey my daughter (though I do prefer "my little girl"), but a son? That just sounds so grown-up. **As a side note, my father-in-law calls his boys "son" as a term of endearment. I think this is charming.**

It suddenly hit me that I'm past the 'new mom playing house' phase. I'm a real mother, with a son and a daughter. I suddenly feel very grown-up and responsible.

11 August 2005

Guess I'll Go Eat Worms

Two years ago we built a house in a new development full of young families. I was very excited about making new friends since my two best friends had moved away the year before. I made an effort to be friendly and chatty, hoping to find someone that I could enjoy hanging out with as much as the two friends I had lost.

Despite my best efforts--inviting families over (of which only three have accepted), accepting the four invites (from two families) we have received in the last two years, attending Enrichment, faithfully visiting teaching, fulfilling callings, introducing myself to new neighbors, and even mentioning to three different people how much I need a friend--I have yet to make a real friend. I have many acquaintances, but like Anne of Green Gables, no bosom friend.

This fact reduces me to tears at least once a month. I tell myself that I have no friends because 98% of the families in our neighborhood have extended family in Provo/Orem and spend their leisure time with them. But, then, I think maybe it's really me, not them. Worst of all, writing this makes feel like a six-year-old, "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me.........."

01 August 2005

cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes

We decided to plant a garden this year. Being Mormons, we're encouraged to have a garden--you know, self-reliance and all that. Anyway, after two years of home-ownership, we figured we'd take the plunge. We spent hours preparing the soil, then cheated a little by buying plants from Wal-mart and Home Depot ("real" gardeners grow from seed, but honestly, who has the time?). Anyway, after slaving away, our garden was ready.

This weekend was the two month anniversary of our planting. Up until now we watered, weeded, and watched our plants grow bigger. But this weekend something magical happened, as I was watering something caught my eye-- a cucumber.

My little gem is about six inches long and easily two inches in diameter. I was so taken that I called to my husband to come look at it. He too seemed to be in awe. Now I find myself taking little walks to the garden just to gaze at my beautiful cucumber. While I'm there I notice my peppers and tomatoes (all three kinds) growing too. I feel like a proud momma.

29 July 2005

Jill of all trades, mistress of none

After my freshman year of college I came to a life-changing realization. I wasn't REALLY good at anything. I can do a lot of things--bake, sew, swim, write, etc--tolerably well. But I have no forte. Suddenly I started wondering what to do with my life. Isn't college where you become an expert in a certain area?

Then it hit me, there must be something for a jack-of-all-trades right? So, I majored in social science teaching which let me take a few courses in several subjects, i.e., history, geography, political science, etc. But, I never had to take that serious senior level class in any of them. Perfect. I used to think this was kind of taking the easy way out....then I became a mom.

I can do a little of everything. I can cook, but not gourmet meals. I can clean, but my house will never be spotless. I scrapbook a little, but it's not very artistic. I can help with homework, but I'm no scholar. That's exactly what a mom is--a jill-of-all trades, mistress of none. I found the perfect job.
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